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Dynamic Solutions Customised For Success

Dynamic Solutions Customised For Success

Global Risk Technologies provides comprehensive and highly-scalable solutions for chargeback processing, risk mitigation, and fraud management.


We help merchants analyse, optimise and monetise their business.


Before working to prevent risks, merchants must first understand the threats that jeopardize their revenue. We conduct a 106-point inspection of a business's practices and policies to determine the true cause of chargebacks.


We specialise in helping merchants optimise profitability while simultaneously managing risk. Our two-part solution works to prevent chargebacks and reclaim revenues lost to illegitimate transaction disputes.


We provide detailed reports that help merchants better understand their KPIs, campaign threats and revenue-increasing opportunities. This real-time information helps merchants monetise their business and ensure sustainable growth.

Risk Mitigation Services

Global Risk Technologies specialises in comprehensive risk management services, ranging from revenue recovery to chargeback prevention, that is custom tailored for the card-not-present realm.

Designed for merchants by merchants, our risk mitigation services help predict threats and treat them before they harm revenues, growth, or profits.

Dispute Service

We help recover lost revenue and restore tarnished reputations with strategic representation services. Unlike other risk programs, our dispute services work to effectively discourage subsequent transaction disputes while winning back hard-earned revenues.

We provide a proprietary process fuelled by client-defined, rule-based software that allows for the highest capture of case intelligence. This intelligence is vital to recovering revenues associated with chargeback fraud.

Our professional services are fully customisable, offering comprehensive solutions and end-to-end accountability to card-not-present merchants.


Innovative technologies you can't live without

Our patent-pending technologies provide ethical, reliable, high-quality results that guarantee a maximum return on investment.

A Dynamic Reporting Platform

Global Risk Technologies provides the industry’s most extensive intelligence through-in-depth analytics and diagnostics. Our reporting tools are designed to help reduce and prevent losses.

Our reporting tool has customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is built to suit e-commerce merchants in a variety of online vertical markets.

    • Fraud Metrics
    • Affiliate Fraud
    • Friendly Fraud
    • Transaction Scoring
    • Issuer Scoring
    • Revenue Predictions

Dynamic reporting features include:

    • Chargeback Management System
    • Merchant ID Analysis
    • Fraud Detection Campaigns
    • Real-Time Location Analysis
    • Neural Networks
    • Pattern Detection
    • Extensive Reporting
    • Monthly and Quarterly Reviews

Get Started Today!

Global Risk Technologies is able to scale for merchants of all sizes in all industries. We provide targeted programs by transaction volume, acceptance channel and risk segmentation.

Contact us today to learn more about the customisable solutions available. Find out how Global Risk Technologies can ensure ample return on investment for your chargeback and risk management.

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