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A World-Renowned Risk Mitigation Company



A World-Renowned Risk Mitigation Company

Global Risk Technologies™ is an international technology firm that provides dynamic risk mitigation services within the payment industry. We provide comprehensive and highly-scalable solutions for chargeback processing, risk mitigation, and fraud management.

As a unique provider of exclusive and innovative chargeback remediation solutions, Global Risk Technologies™ aims to bring much-needed payment processing solutions to eCommerce merchants.

Global Risk Technologies™ is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help merchants replace inefficient, reactive risk management solutions with dynamic, proactive strategies to retain more revenue. The ultimate goal is to enable merchants to reallocate valuable resources to grow their business while ensuring sustainable profitability.

Core Values

We strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions and ensure merchants are successful in their markets.

We value:

  • Continuous innovation to provide solutions to industry problems, ensuring our clients’ success.
  • Unceasing promotion of corporate and social responsibility.
  • Dedication to affordability, quality and reliability.
  • Encouragement and promotion of individual initiatives and creativity within the Global Risk Technologies™ organisation.

Corporate Vision Statements

Global Risk Technologies™ values quality, ethical, reliable practices and relationships among clients, employees, and industry members.

  • Provide efficient chargeback remediation solutions and services of consistently high quality, ensuring value for our customers.
  • Establish harmonious relationship with the community and promote greater environmental responsibility within our sphere of influence by superior corporate citizenship.
  • Attain a position of leadership in each category of our business.
  • Maintain a high level of productivity in our operations through effective and efficient use of resources, adoption of appropriate technology, and alignment with our core competencies.
  • Develop our employees to be good at what they do, function as team players, conduct themselves ethically, and focus on customers by encouraging empowerment, rewarding innovation, and promoting an environment for learning and personal growth.

Founded By Fellow Merchants With Real-World Experience

Global Risk Technologies™ is an international leader with years of risk management experience, derived through hands-on involvement in the card-not-present environment.

The Global Risk Technologies™ co-founders have experienced first-hand the challenges merchants face on a day-to-day basis. This unique understanding enables us to better serve merchants and act as liaisons with other payment industry members.

Our Alliance Partners

Global Risk Technologies™ Alliance Partners have achieved some of the industry’s highest success levels while defending merchant chargebacks.

Our strong legacy in developing and maintaining our alliance partners’ chargebacks programs, coupled with our industry-leading solutions and services, ensures all industry members have the tools they need to simplify and streamline efforts.


Want to Learn More?

Learn more about Global Risk Technologies™ by downloading our Media Pack or contacting us today. We’d love to discuss the ROI possibilities and personalised options available for your business.

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