International Women’s Day is a day to commemorate the struggle that women have faced – and continue to face – while attempting to gain equal rights, and celebrate everything that women have achieved.

What better industry to celebrate these achievements than in payments – traditionally one of the most male-dominated professional sectors. Today, leading industry publication PaymentsSource is celebrating by featuring our co-founder, Monica Eaton-Cardone, in its list of the The Most Influential Women in Payments 2017.

In a feature article that describes Monica’s growth to international chargeback leader, editor David Heun explains why Monica set out to tackle the chargeback issue, and what she has proceeded to do since then – as well as highlighting the key skills that she has needed to succeed as a powerful women.

“I’ve needed to be fearless from the very beginning and I find it helps me as both an international businesswoman with clients across the globe and as a mother with my children back home.”

Heun includes Eaton-Cardone’s generosity with her work with non-profit organisation Get Paid for Grades, and her desire for her team to embrace comfort in order to fully utilise their brainpower and creativity.

“If you’re true to who you are, and you let your staff be true to who they are, that’s going to take you further than any other path”.

So, even though there’s billions of amazing women in the world, we hope you afford us a moment to celebrate one of our own!

If you’d like to find out more about the business that Monica has helped build, feel free to contact us.

Read the full article from PaymentsSource here.