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Innovative Technologies You Can't Live Without

Innovative Technologies You Can’t Live Without

Our patent-pending technologies provide ethical, reliable, high-quality results that guarantee a maximum return on investment.

We are constantly adding to our innovative, dynamic suite of products. Global Risk Technologies™ is dedicated to the task of creating necessary technologies as new obstacles threaten the success of eCommerce merchants.


Intelligent Source Detection™

The only solution available to accurately identify the reasoning behind a customer’s behavior and the true cause of revenue loss.


Affiliate Fraud Shield™

We detect and prevent common fraud tactics to ensure affiliate marketing increases revenue without increasing risk.



We offer the world’s broadest alerts system, enabling merchants to refund victims of payment card fraud rather than sustain chargebacks.

The Most Efficient and Intelligent Reporting Platform Available

Global Risk Technologies™ provides the industry’s most extensive intelligence through in-depth analytics and diagnostics. Our reporting tool has customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is built to suit eCommerce merchants in a variety of online vertical markets.

Dynamic reporting features include:

    • Fraud Metrics
    • Affiliate Fraud
    • Friendly Fraud
    • Transaction Scoring
    • Issuer Scoring
    • Revenue Predictions

Customisable interfaces are provided for:

    • Chargeback Management System
    • Merchant ID Analysis
    • Fraud Detection Campaigns
    • Real-Time Location Analysis
    • Neural Networks
    • Pattern Detection
    • Extensive Reporting
    • Monthly and Quarterly Reviews

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Global Risk Technologies™ is able to scale for merchants of all sizes in all industries. We provide targeted programs by transaction volume, acceptance channel and risk segmentation.

Contact us today to learn more about the customisable solutions available. Find out how Global Risk Technologies™ can ensure ample return on investment for your chargeback and risk management.

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