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Dyanmic Solutions, Customised For Success

Dynamic Solutions, Customised For Success

Global Risk Technologies™ provides comprehensive and highly-scalable solutions for chargeback processing, risk mitigation, and fraud management.

Our Services

Global Risk Technologies™ offers various services through our alliance partners. Our strong legacy in developing and maintaining our alliance partners’ programs ensures all industry members have the tools they need to simplify and streamline their efforts.


Chargeback Remediation

Global Risk Technologies™ specialises in comprehensive chargeback remediation services. Through our alliance partner, ChargebackTech, we are able to offer services that range from revenue recovery to chargeback prevention.


Merchant Mediation

Global Risk Technologies™ offers a unique customer service solution that is proven to reduce risk and optimise profitability. Through our alliance partner, eConsumerServices, we mediate on behalf of the merchant and rectify any customer grievances.

Our professional services are fully customisable, offering comprehensive solutions and end-to-end accountability to card-not-present merchants.

We help merchants analyse, optimise and monetise their business


Before working to prevent risks, merchants must first understand the threats that jeopardize their revenue.


We specialise in helping merchants optimise profitability while simultaneously managing risk.


Our services allow merchants to reallocate resources to better monetise their business and facilitate sustainable growth.

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Global Risk Technologies™ is able to scale for merchants of all sizes in all industries.  We provide targeted programs by transaction volume, acceptance channel and risk segmentation.

Contact us today to learn more about the customisable solutions available.  Find out how Global Risk Technologies™ can ensure ample return on investment for your chargeback and risk management.

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