Black Friday – Golden Payday or Poisoned Chalice for retailers?

Black Friday has recently emerged as a retail phenomenon in the UK.

Are you one of the many merchants eager to capitalize on this new earning potential?

Before you can start reaping the rewards, you must be aware of the risks.

Our newly published whitepaper explains this £1 billion shopping experience. We expose the anticipated earning potential and groundbreaking online sales projections. We also share information you must know about identifying and preventing risks.

Learn how these factors could severely hinder your Black Friday and Cyber Monday success:

  • Internet bandwidth and IT inabilities
  • Chargeback management and revenue loss
  • Logistics of order fulfilment
  • Fraud detection and prevention

Don’t wait another second. Download our free whitepaper today. Consumers and fraudsters alike are eagerly anticipating the upcoming opportunities in the retail space.

You aren’t prepared if you haven’t consulted our expert advice.

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