Gary Cardone: A Unique Acumen for Paradigm Efficiency

Gary Cardone: A Unique Acumen for Paradigm Efficiency

Gary Cardone is an international business leader with more than thirty years of experience in energy, capital investments, real estate, and ecommerce ventures. Cardone possesses a rare wealth of insight, experience, and expertise.

Building the Future

Shortly after graduating from McNeese State University with a degree in economics, Cardone joined Natural Gas Clearinghouse as the 12th member of a small startup. Within just a few years, Cardone had helped the company grow substantially. With more than 600 employees, the new endeavor went public and became Dynegy Inc.

Cardone was personally responsible for overseeing more than 30% of the natural gas acquisitions for the western United States and Canada. After helping turn the company into one of the nation’s leading sources of energy, Cardone was called upon to help Dynegy expand to the European market.

Touted as the architect of cross border regulations and energy standardization in Europe, Cardone became one of the youngest CEOs of a Fortune 50 company. He established power and gas positions in Germany and Holland, with offices in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Holland. When he retired from the industry, the company had a $1 billion market value.

Later, Cardone parlayed his expertise with commodities trading into the payments industry after discovering the similarities between payment channels and the energy market.


Monetizing New Opportunities

After leaving the energy sector, Cardone experimented with new ventures in the ecommerce environment.

Noticing a void in the payment processing industry, Cardone helped launch the first global brand dedicated to helping online merchants minimize risk and manage chargebacks.

Cardone helped launch Europe’s Global Risk Technologies™ and US subsidiaries Chargebacks911® and eConsumerServices.

Gary Cardone Today

In less than five years, Gary Cardone has grown the Global Risk Technologies™ brand to more than 300 employees with locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Chargebacks911 has demonstrated a 679% growth between 2012 and 2015, and continues to onboard new, big box clients daily by offering scalable, dynamic solutions.gary-cardone-quote-2

Currently, Cardone serves as CEO of Chargebacks911™ and its sister company, eConsumerServices—a merchant-consumer mediation firm. He is also a managing partner for Global Risk Technologies™.



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