How To Stop Ticketing Fraud Becoming An Everyday Event

How to Stop Ticketing Fraud From Becoming an Everyday Event

New Research Reveals Emerging Threats to the Ticketing Industry

Our newly published whitepaper carefully examines the current ticketing market, revealing emerging threats and liabilities. New data shows that while merchants are benefiting from consumers’ dependence on eCommerce for their ticket purchases, fraudsters are likewise recognising the earning potential of this niche market.

By revealing popular fraud tactics in sports, music, and airline ticketing, merchants can create a proactive mitigation plan. We share proprietary tips for decreasing risk exposure and liability, including:

  • Identifying the source of each chargeback
  • Improving customer service to rival the convenience and ease of filing a chargeback
  • Maintaining accurate records and compelling evidence

With our insider information and valuable industry insight, merchants can retain more revenue, improve essential industry relations, enhance customer loyalty, and increase long-term sustainability.

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