Affiliate Fraud Shield™

Increase Revenue Without Increasing Risk

Increase Revenue Without Increasing Risk

Affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the most viable methods of increasing sales in a cost-effective manner. However, this advertising method comes with significant risks. If these risks aren’t managed properly, long-term ramifications can negatively affect the success of your business.

The Correlation Between Affiliate Fraud and Chargebacks

Unsavoury affiliate marketers have learned various methods to illegitimately earn a commission. Not only do these tactics rob merchants of profits, they also increase the likelihood of chargebacks.

Of the various affiliate fraud techniques, two are especially damaging to unsuspecting merchants:

  • Affiliate marketers facilitate purchases with stolen payment card information. Whether they are making the transactions themselves or turning a blind eye when others commit fraud, the action of these affiliates ultimately leads to chargebacks. The innocent cardholders file transaction disputes and merchants suffer the consequences.
  • Affiliate marketers use false advertising to capture consumers’ attention. By making promises the merchant can’t keep, affiliates are able to entice consumers who wouldn’t normally make a purchase. When the merchant can’t live up to the consumers’ expectations, chargebacks are filed.

The Dangers of Affiliate Fraud Chargebacks

The long-term effects of affiliate fraud are far-reaching.

Lost Revenue

Merchants forfeit revenue with each chargeback filed. Because merchandise involved in a chargeback isn’t usually returned to the merchant, the cost of the product is lost.

Additional Costs

Each chargeback comes with an administrative fee.  The costs associated with making the original sale are also sacrificed.

Illegitimate Commisions

Merchants must pay an unearned commission to each affiliate who uses fraudulent tactics to solicit transactions that later result in chargebacks.

Tarnished Reputation

Card networks and payment processors view chargebacks as an indicator of risk.  Merchants who sustain too many chargebacks jeopardise their reputation and increase the risk of a terminated processing agreement.

Using Affiliate Fraud Shield™ to Prevent Chargebacks

Global Risk Technologies™ has developed Affiliate Fraud Shield™, proprietary technologies to reduce the risk of affiliate fraud. This innovative product ensures affiliate marketing increases revenue without increasing risk.

Identify Threats

We carefully review each affiliate purchase, identifying potential indicators of fraud. We help merchants validate legitimate transactions and block affiliate fraud maneuvers.

Reduce Expenses

By detecting fraud tactics before transactions are processed, our Affiliate Fraud Shield™ prevents merchants from paying unearned commissions to fraudulent affiliates.

Manage Liabilities

Our innovative technology is able to review affiliate behaviors and predict potential treats. We help merchants select the affiliate partners least likely to turn into liabilities.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Whether you are looking for end-to-end accountability or on-demand availability, Global Risk Technologies™ offers the chargeback management and risk reduction services you are looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about Affiliate Fraud Shield™ and our various methods for generating guaranteed ROI.

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