Chargeback Alerts

 Reducing the Effects of Payment Card Fraud

Criminals gain access to sensitive payment card information and participate in unauthorised transactions. The innocent cardholders learn of these purchases and file chargebacks. In the end, the only true victim is the merchant.

Now, thanks to Global Risk Technologies™’ alliance partner, ChargebackTech, merchants are able to prevent fraud-related chargebacks, reduce risk, and minimise losses with chargeback alerts.

Alerting the Merchant to Suspicious Activity

Chargeback alerts provide a unique opportunity that allows merchants to avoid transaction disputes and the negative ramifications associated with each unauthorised transaction.

  • The consumer contacts the bank to report an unuathorised transaction.
  • The bank alerts the merchant to the situation.
  • The merchant is able to refund the consumer before a chargeback is processed.

Benefits and Features

Preventing chargebacks associated with unauthorised transactions improves a merchant’s bottom line and ensures the business’s longevity.

Cost Reduction

By preventing chargebacks, we are able to help merchants avoid the corresponding fees.

Global Coverage

Global Risk Technologies™ provides the broadest chargeback alert network around the world.

Manual Reviews

We manually review each chargeback alert, ensuring you don't pay for protection that didn't happen.

Reputation Protection

Keeping chargeback rates low helps ensure the longevity of the merchant's payment processing abilities.

Simple Integration

Our simple technology integration means you are able to start using our chargeback alert network in just 24 hours.

Continuous Accountability

With access to our client portal, merchants are able to monitor our detailed analytics in real time.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Whether you are looking for end-to-end accountability or on-demand availability, Global Risk Technologies™ offers the chargeback management and risk reduction services you are looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about chargeback alerts and our various methods for generating guaranteed ROI.

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