Chargeback Remediation

Ensuring Sustainable Growth Through Risk Reduction and Revenue Retention

Ensuring Sustainable Growth Through Risk Reduction and Revenue Retention

Chargebacks needlessly steal revenue and negatively affect a business’s bottom line. Global Risk Technologies™ has created the industry’s leading chargeback remediation solution, capable of reducing future risks and retaining more revenue.

Reducing Risk

Our unique prevention strategies stop chargebacks before they become liabilities. We help merchants reduce risk, keep chargeback rates low, and ensure sustainable, long-term growth.

Retaining Revenue

When chargebacks do happen, it is crucial to dispute illegitimate claims. Our personalised services ensure the industry's highest win rate, meaning less revenue is lost to chargeback fraud.

Chargeback Management That Improves Your Bottom Line

Proper chargeback management can effectively recover lost revenue without increasing risks or costs.

  • Payment options include end-to-end accountability and on-demand assistance, meaning you only pay for the services you need.
  • We opt for hands-on, personalised services rather than potentially damaging and costly automated systems.
  • Our comprehensive, turnkey solutions come with limited technology integration demands, making it possible for you to use our services immediately.
  • Our detailed understanding of the payment industry and chargeback system ensures a guaranteed ROI on all your chargeback management activity.

The Original Chargeback Remediation Solution

Global Risk Technologies™’ chargeback remediation services are provided through our alliance partner, ChargebackTech.

ChargebackTech emerged on the market as the first chargeback remediation service provider. Since its inception, ChargebackTech has become Europe’s leading solution for risk reduction and revenue retention.

Visit ChargebackTech’s website for more information about services and products available. Learn how much more your business could earn with successful chargeback management.

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