Intelligent Source Detection™

Successfully Determine the Cause of Revenue Loss

Successfully Determine the Cause of Revenue Loss

Global Risk Technologies has developed the proprietary technologies necessary to accurately determine the true cause of revenue loss.

A Revolutionary Discovery

After spending years as fellow ecommerce merchants and processing millions of transaction disputes, the co-founders of Global Risk Technologies made a ground-breaking discovery.

We determined that despite hundreds of reason codes, chargebacks are actually caused by just three things. Until you are able to successfully determine the true reasoning behind the reason codes, your business won’t be able to reduce risk or retain revenue.

Understanding the Three Causes of Chargebacks

Chargebacks are caused by just three things.

Merchant Error

Unfortunately, merchants usually carry some of the blame for transaction disputes. Seemingly insignificant errors in merchant setup, transaction data, and order processing can greatly reduce revenue, increase risk, and threaten long-term growth.

Criminal Fraud

Criminal fraud stems from identity theft, stolen cards, and cyber criminals. Affected consumers file chargebacks for these unauthorised transactions, ultimately victimising the merchant and negatively impacting the business's bottom line.

Friendly Fraud

Friendly fraudsters take advantage of loopholes in the chargeback process to gain an illegitimate refund courtesy of the bank. Since this fraud originates from customers rather than criminals, it usually catches the merchant unaware.

Using Intelligent Source Detection™ For Chargeback Remediation

Intelligent Source Detection™ is a proprietary chargeback remediation technology, created by Global Risk Technologies. We’ve developed a world-class solution for identifying risk and preventing revenue loss.

Our Intelligent Source Detection™ technology is the only product available on the market to accurately identify the true cause of chargebacks. With our help, merchants are able to accurately assess threats and create viable solutions.

Managing All Three Sources of Chargebacks

Without proper analytics and diagnostics, merchants will implement incorrect strategies, making prevention and dispute efforts ineffective.

For example, more than half of all reason codes used to classify chargebacks are associated with criminal fraud and unauthorised transactions.  However, according to a recent study conducted by Global Risk Technologies, more than 80% of chargebacks are actually cases of friendly fraud.  The consumer simply didn’t have time to request a refund from the merchant.  Opting for a bank-issued chargeback seemed like a convenient, no-hassle solution.

Without professional assistance, merchants will forever be addressing the wrong chargeback instigator, believing bank and consumer reasoning to be infallible.

With the help of Intelligent Source Detection™, merchants are able to successfully isolate chargeback triggers and devise an appropriate response to each threat.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Whether you are looking for end-to-end accountability or on-demand availability, Global Risk Technologies offers the chargeback management and risk reduction services you are looking for.

Contact us today to learn more about Intelligent Source Detection™ and our various methods for generating guaranteed ROI.

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