The Company’s Forward-Thinking Approach is One of its Greatest Assets

Global Risk Technologies™ expanded rapidly over the last few years, proving to be an unquestionable success. Earlier this month the company’s CIO and founder, Monica Eaton-Cardone, sat down with Don Tennant of IT Business Edge to discuss her keys to business success: a firm commitment to family, friendship and workplace diversity.

Tennant pointed out that despite Monica’s husband Gary Cardone serving as the company’s CEO, Global Risk Technologies™ wasn’t founded as a typical husband-and-wife setup.

“A lot of tech executives talk about those core values, but Eaton-Cardone appears to have woven them into the fabric of her company. One family member, her husband Gary, serves as CEO of the company. But this wasn’t a husband-and-wife-cofound-a-company scenario. Eaton-Cardone brought Gary, a technology industry executive with years of experience in Europe, into the company after she founded it, and before they were married.”

Monica discussed her firm belief in workplace diversity, explaining that diversity is not only a nice idea, but actually produces better results for the company:

“If I have a meeting with my team, and they were all like-minded and they liked doing the exact same things, chances are we would have one security platform that never changed, that didn’t modify and morph, and that wasn’t the best. I want people who are passionate about us having the best platform, and who have all sorts of different ideas, because that diversity actually gives us strength… That is much more powerful than everybody thinking the same way, because you’ll never make anything better.”

Monica noted that this culture of flexibility, acceptance and willingness to embrace diversity is the cornerstone of what makes the company strong. Global Risk Technologies™’ forward-thinking attitude has allowed the organization to grow quickly by putting an emphasis on innovation rather than corporate conservatism.

“I probably wasted six months of pain wearing suits, when I’m really a jeans and T-shirt type of person. And you know what? Everyone who works here is the same. What we do takes brain power and creativity, and sometimes you’re most comfortable wearing sweats. So I wasted six months on trying to invest in all these different consultants and policies, and we should do this and do that, and I can’t have family members and friends working here, and I’m not going to have relationships with staff here. I wasted all that time, only to discover that you have to be true to who you are. If you’re true to who you are, and you let your staff be true to who they are, that’s going to take you further than any other path that you could possibly take.”

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