Global Risk Technologies™ has been named as a finalist in the 2016 Retail Systems Awards.

As Europe’s first chargeback remediation specialist, we are leading the fight against chargeback fraud to enable retailers to operate more successful businesses, unburdened by chargebacks.

We are thrilled to be recognised by the industry for Security/Anti-fraud Initiative of the Year at the 11th annual awards, with the winners to be announced in London in November.

Global Risk Technologies™ is noted as one of the industry’s leaders, providing intelligent solutions, consultancy and chargeback remediation technology, with absolutely unrivalled results to retailers.

Our technology enables online businesses to fight chargebacks through reporting fraud metrics, friendly fraud, transaction scoring, issuer scoring and revenue predictions. Its aim (and guarantee) is to reduce chargeback fraud, decrease financial losses, increase revenue and customer retention.

Whether it is assisting to fine-tune existing fraud filters to eliminate false positive activity, or improving the recovery rate post chargeback to help reduce the impact of friendly fraud; our comprehensive solutions work to deliver bottom line results.

The Retail Systems Awards recognise technology excellence and innovation within the retail sector. Winning entries come from retailers and technology suppliers who are leading the way in areas such as mobile, online, payments, in-store technology, loyalty and personalisation.

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